Iron Broadsword + Iron Chainmail + 5 Life Crystals
Donor Bonus: Iron Greaves + 3 Life Crystals

Base ClassEdit

As a warrior your RP abilities are:

Shield Bash: You bash your opponent with your shield

Charge: You charge at your opponent.

Beserk: Your charcater ignores all damage for a short time and can attack at increased speed. Lasts 30-60 seconds usable once per battle.

Block: You block.

Lunge, swipe, stab: You lunge, swipe, or stab.

1st AdvancementEdit


On top of original abilities:

Flurry: You attack rapidly multiple times.

Attack Stance: Your attacks are stronger and allows you to counter, but you are unable to block.

Counter: You block the enemy attack and quickly stab, only usable 3 times per fight.


On top of original abilities:

Defensive Stance: Your blocks are stronger and allows you to use shield wall, but you are not able to go beserk.

Shield wall: You dig your shield into the floor to block an attack then do a two handed swing with your sword.

Magic Knight (Doner only)Edit

On top of original abilities:

Magic blade: You infuse your blade with magic making your attacks stronger.

Magic stance: You are able to use magic bolt, but not any sword attacks.

Magic bolt: You fire a bolt of magic from your hand, can only use 5 times per fight.

2nd AdvancementEdit

Dark Knight:Edit

Poison: You poison your blade, slowly numbing your enemy slightly.

Whirl: You spin round hitting anything around you.

Shadow blade: You infuse your blade with dark energy making your attacks stronger.


Holy Shield: You infuse your shield with holy energy making your blocks absorb magic.

Weak Heal: You can heal yourself or another ally slighly. Only usable once per battle.

Light Shield: If without a shield you can temporarily create one out of light.

Rune Knight:Edit

Explosive Shield: You activate a rune on your shield causing a small explosion from it. Can only be used twice per battle.

Shock Absorber: You activate a run on your armour absorbing an attack. Can only use three times per battle.

Rune charge: You activate a rune on your feet and back the realises a burst of energy shooting you at your target.